Horse Drawn Carriages

A great friend of mine told me of a horse drawn hearse available in a local auctioneers. I went and bought it a few  years ago, and have spent most of the time since restoring it to it’s former glory. It is all original and dates back to 1820, all of the original features have been retained and restored to the original condition.



The carriage is now returned to Grey’s funeral Home and in its official housing built by Johnny Madden Clonmore to the specific design of Builder Joe Bourke.  Lua Fitzpatrick first spotted the carriage at an auction and informed Me of its availability over a few Years  ago. Since its purchase it has undergone extensive and painstaking restoration, to every exact detail, a huge project, however where there’s a Will there’s a way and the Carriage is now restored to its original glory, and thanks to Jane’s good painting, perfected finished.