Green Eco Funerals

I have listened to requests from people who want green burials and decided to do a little study on the subject. This resulted in the purchasing of some environmentally friendly coffins, as the one pictured above. I have also invested in embalming fluid which is also environmentally friendly and which I have to my surprise found to be very good and effective and if my results remain as consistent as they have been so far, I hope to use this fluid on a constant basis, eliminating the environmentally harmful fluids currently used. This I believe is a small step for me and a giant leap for mankind. I’m delighted to now be able to offer a complete green funeral service.

Bamboo Eco Coffin

The attractive weave and natural appearance of the Bamboo Eco Coffin the latest addition to Greys Funeral Home selection of Coffins and Caskets. We hope this will meet our Customers’ ever growing awareness of the need for environmentally friendly funerals.


  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Eco Friendly manufacturing process
  • Rapid compression allowing fast soil compaction
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Act)
  • Certificate awarded for non-release of toxic substances during cremation.

All Coffins are supplied with bamboo headrests and cotton liners made from unbleached cotton. Pandas do not eat the species of bamboo used in the manufacture of these coffin’s. Nor do they live in that region of China. All Bamboo comes from cultivated plantations licenced by Chinese Government and grown specifically for manufacturing purposes. Cropping of bamboo is carried out in small and dispersed plots during only half of the year. This allows the area ample time for re-growth.

Bamboo Eco Coffins design enables the sizes to slot into one another. This ensures that over 250 can fit into one container. Hence transporting one coffin from China to Ireland uses no more fuel than a 2-3 mile car journey. The whole manufacturing process sets out to be as green and traditional as possible. Minimal treatment is used on the cut bamboo – the Coffins contain even less harmful chemicals than the human body itself. Weaving and carpentry skills, unchanged for hundreds of years, continue to flourish during the creation of the coffins. Other than the occasional use of an electric power drill, Bamboo Eco Coffins are made entirely by Manpowered machinery.

The Factory in China is regarded as a model in its region due to the exemplary way in which it treats its employees. They are all paid well above the statutory minimum wage and extra for overtime. Medicine and accident cover is also provided by the company. Flexible working times allow employees to return to their smallholdings during harvesting seasons throughout the year. The Company has never employed anyone below the age of eighteen years.

  • We Use Green Electricity
  • Recycle everything possible
  • Diesel instead of Petrol in All Cars and Hearses
  • Funeral Home surrounds are all Trees and Hedges