Funeral Home

Hi There, thanks for visiting Greys funeral home. Here I have photos of some of the facilities. I hope you enjoy a little virtual tour of our funeral home. The front of our home has ample parking for over 100 cars and is landscaped with trees and shrubs to be environmentally friendly as well as nice to look at.

In the foyer we have tea and coffee facilities. Funerals in Templemore usually mean a large gathering of friends and family the facility is designed to accommodate this. The foyer is always at an appropriate temperature and has a nice relaxing ambiance.

We offer the choice of 2 state rooms and after years of study and consideration of funeral tradition have created an environment that meets the needs of bereaved families.

Main State Room:

This is where the majority of our services are held and is fully air conditioned. Audio facilities and several lighting options are available. The state room is easily adjustable to suit any personal or religious preferences.

Second State Room:

Our second state room is dedicated and named after my Uncle Sean who manages our State Rooms and funeral home and his dedication is always beyond the call of duty. Air conditioning, audio facilities and several lighting options are also available.